Category Topics

Core Dev Talk

Discussion category for core related topics. In contrast to the “Discuss Topics” category this category is less focussed and may be used by everyone to discuss core related topics.

Initiative Ideas

Use this category to find people for your initiative ideas. See

Discuss Topics

Category for discussing topics that need a core decision. Topics can be created by Core Team Members. Everyone is invited to suggest topics for discussion in Slack via #typo3-cms-coredev - once a Core Team Mentor is found s/he is responsible for creating the discussion topic and managing the process.
Discussion phase for every new topic is 4 weeks at most. The discussion initiator is responsible for moderating the discussion thread and updating the topic description regularly with the results of the discussion.

Decision Results

Move completed votings to this category.

Vote now! (public)

Category containing actual votes on topics. Every topic voted here should have a corresponding thread in the discussion section. Please make sure that the votes are public (as set in the topic template).


This category is for decisions concerning TYPO3 documentation on
Before opening a new topic: