config.absRefPrefix on by default?

(Björn Jacob) #21

Since a couple of years we are working solely with config.absRefPrefix = /. We never experienced any problems, even our biggest multi-domain, multi-language installations work just fine. config.baseUrl was always some kind of pain when it came to deployment. With config.absRefPrefix everything is much easier. So +1 from my side :slight_smile:

(Simon Schaufelberger) #22

I have a question related to that. Can the setting in domain record Always prepend this domain in links then also be removed? This causes also a lot of trouble and I have never really understood what it is good for.

(Benni Mack) #23

yes, I found some issues with the current implementation there, but that’s not really related to the question. however, domains setup needs some love.

(Stefan Neufeind) #24

I’ve followed this thread the last days and agree to have a sane working absRefPrefix and no baseUrl by default anymore (maybe even deprecated, …). And as Simon suggested “always prepend this domain …” should maybe be removed in the same go then.

(Tymoteusz Motylewski) #25

FYI here is a patch from Benni removing the domain field.

(Benni Mack) #26

that one is not really related tbh, “sys_domain.forced” has a different meaning, which I will document in the patch. however, looks like this discussion does not need a vote, as the comments are 95% for setting a proper default.

(Andreas Fernandez) #27

I’ve set config.absRefPrefix = auto now by default for a few projects and didn’t spot any issue so far. I’m in for setting this value as a sane default.

(Benni Mack) #28

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