Include some basic SEO options to core

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Maybe some other people can give their opinion on this particular point? Maybe @mhirdes also have some good reasons why he also separated the main heading from the SEO title.

The main heading is shown in the page tree in the TYPO3 backend. Yes you can also show the nav title there. But the browser title should be optimized for search engines. Therefore include keywords and describe the content with a limited number of characters. The page title is for identifying the page, the browser title for SEO.

The page title will further be used as fallback. So allways a browser title is shown.

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That’s indeed an interesting approach.

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SEO title => a title that differs from page title and navigation title and is used for the tag

Definitely yes! I usually use the pagetitle inside the page <h1> but almost always you have to set a different <title> (I know there is already a “navigation title” field, but that’s used for menus).
Also, every SEO-related extension add this field, and this is because it is needed (IMHO).

I also agree about the other fields; if we have to keep it “basic” I’d say to limit it to

  • title tag
  • robot instructions
  • canonical url (maybe)
  • href-lang

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Agree we need some of this in the core, so good call.

Regarding the canonical; this should be, and can be, automated. Mount points and show contents of this page can be automated. A big challenge lies in language fallbacks, since there are many options to consider.

OG tags and Twitter cards; will that affect SEO, or just influence the performance of your links on social media? Social Media is not equal to SEO, so if there is no effect in SEO, I would put them in separate extension.

I personally would put this in a separate core extension. There are many installations who do not need this, like intranets. The website developer should be in charge to define if this functionality should be used.

@richardhaeser; you do have a customer where the page title is in the page :wink:

(Richard Haeser) #25

Indeed. A lot of the canonical can be automated, but… You should have the possibility to override the canonical by setting an own. This is needed to set for example canonicals to external urls.

SEO is also about linking to your website. Social media is one of the most important ways of links to a website at the moment. A quote from the guys of Yoast: “You need links pointing to your website and for that to happen, people need to talk about you and your website. That is the essence of social media, so our plugin helps you optimize for that as well!”

For every installation it is good to have SEO enhancements. It is not only about external search engines, but also for internal search engines. So it might be a separate core extension, but I think it should be enabled by default.

And I know indeed a couple of sites using the page title in the page :wink:

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