Reconsidering PHP Minimum Requirements for TYPO3 v9

(Susi Moog) #21

To make our releases as non-breaking as possible I’d vote for releasing 9 with PHP 7.2 and loosen the requirements later if necessary - raising the requirements at a later time will most certainly be breaking.

(Markus Poerschke) #22

I would say that the minimum PHP version of the next TYPO3 LTS version should be the maximum PHP version of the previous TYPO3 LTS version. Doing that will allow to run the old and the new TYPO3 on the same server configuration.

For this case this means:

Maximum PHP version for 8 LTS is 7.2; that means the minimum supported PHP version for 9 LTS should be 7.2.

(Stefan Neufeind) #23

With the yesterday released 9.0.0 we now have 7.2 as minimal version, as we plan to keep it until 9 LTS and not having it to raise from 7.1 to 7.2 later before 9 LTS. I think the decision was well discussed taking a lot of thought into consideration - great team-effort imho.

(Christian Richter) #24

I’m not sure this is correct, a search for php7 gives me 7.1-packages…

But of course that can still change in the next months

(Philipp Wrann) #25

To keep the barrier for beginners as low as possible (reasonable) i would suggest to select the PHP version, that is shipped with all relevant lamp/xamp configurations a new-to-php coder would probably start with.

the default apt package for ubuntu 16.04 (lts) is still 7.0. I know in fall 2018 Ubuntu 18.04 (lts) will be available and it may install 7.1 or event 7.2 by default but there are other relevant distributions and packages.

Drupal (which i consider a major competitor) wont raise the dependency to 7.2 soon, this should be considered too.

Considering all that i would vote for 7.0 support for another release and raise the minimum requirement with the next major release.

(Benni Mack) #26

Just for the sake of completeness:

I’ve decided to raise the PHP requirements to PHP 7.2 FOR THE TIME BEING as I’d like to be “little breaking as possible” for the next sprint releases. Meaning: Getting a lot of feedback NOW instead of raising it to PHP 7.2 in March 2018 or so.

However, the final decision for TYPO3 v9 LTS hasn’t been taken yet, and the feedback getting after the TYPO3 v9.0 release is very good and positive (reading “there is diverse feedback from lots of people on that topic”).

(Benni Mack) #27

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