Replace mailinglists, newsgroups and forum with Discourse

(Markus Klein) #21

My clear expectations for a communication strategy has 3 tiers:

  • casual chatting (Slack, etc…)
  • support (Stackoverflow, Discourse, …)
  • bug hunting (Redmine aka forge, JIRA, …)

All those products are perfectly made for their purpose.
Consequently we can shut down any forum or mailing list and make them a static lookup archive for Mr. Google.

For support Slack for me is clearly just a “first touch point”. So basically, after asking the question the answer usually should be to create either a stackoverflow question or a forge entry.

There might be only one tough point which would speak against externals services and thats the moment where those are replaced by a newer service. What happens to the TYPO3 knowledge in there?
This would indeed be a strong point for the self-hosted Discourse service instead of using Stackoverflow.

Since I do not expect Slack to be replaced with any other causal chat solution in the near future, I count that one as set. Bug tracking in Redmine works sufficiently well, so that one’s set too.
The remaining question therefore: Discourse vs Stackoverflow.

My personal tendency would indeed go into the Discourse direction as for me the chances to eventually get a dedicated stackoverflow channel for TYPO3 seem to diminish day by day due to several reasons.

(Steffen Gebert) #22

Regarding that almost OT:

I really don’t get, why so many people want a dedicated StackExchange sub-site. The idea of moving there was a increased visibility, wasn’t it? Hiding in an own place on a sub-site is again a step back.

Folks will open issues directly on SO anyways. For the few communities that have their dedicated sub-site, you can see the same effect there. This just splits questions and answers once again. Sometimes, people will then vote for closing to migrate it to another site.

So this makes really no sense to me. If you (we as “programming” community) want to use SO, stay on the main site.

(Markus Klein) #23

Is it hiding? Maybe I got that totally wrong then. I thought that still is somehow directly connected to the main SO site.
Then we should stick to the main SO of course.

(Steffen Gebert) #24

Of course, it is completely separate. Look at the site. This has less than 5k questions. In contrast, the joomla tag on has almost 15k questions.

When you look at the list of people proposing the dedicated TYPO3 site, most of them have <100 points reputation, IMHO a clear sign that they have no clue what they’re voting for and how StackOverflow works (in detail). Might sound harsh, sorry, but it’s IMHO really a stupid idea.

(András Ottó) #25

I completly agree.

I think the best way currently to try to place some quality answers on the web, if someone references the TYPO3 documentation with a small comment in StackOverflow. That is straightforward, and navigates the people to the documentation. There are a lot of example, a lot of tutorial and it is perfect to learn from it.

I understand the concerns about Slack, but I think this is just a different level of communication. You have a problem, someone tries to help, you discuss it, there is really a dialog between two or more people. Just like asking your collegue next to you.

Mailinglist was a main tool to directly notify peoples with the same intrest and maybe start a conversation about a problem. (My personal opinion: the worst thing when I find such a years old mailing thread in google and had to keep reading and paging and reading and paging… Nowdays I simply ignore them and pray not to get any of those in the first 5 results)

Forums could work just like StackOverflow with a discuss feature on it. So you can ask your question, someone can ask back, you can quotate his answer and extend your question, and so on. This results again a long thread to read and cost time to evaluate if it is relevant at all or a completly different usecase.

If the goal is to “archive” solutions for common problems, the perfect tool is StackOverflow. (TYPO3 doesn’t need its own page, the best thing if it gets mixed with other topics like javascript, css, sass, whatever. Be opened, is the keyword.)
The main point, that it provides a quick way to evaluate a question and its accepted answer. (And the way between the solution and the question is totally irrelevant)

If the goal is to discuss something quickly, active, Slack perfect for this task.

And if something really should be discussed, maybe not quickly, maybe not so active like on a chat, because people needs opinions, this site is perfect. But these topics are not really in the “I have a problem/ support” topic.

I personally don’t see, in which way could a forum increase the current quality of the given answers or the connection to the community.

But to the original question, the idea of getting rid of these channels is a good idea. I would think about if a Discourse necessary or not.

Would be a nice experiment to shut down all of them, and see what happens. :wink:

(Philipp Gampe) #26

Please keep in mind that stackoverflow is for a very narrow and technical set of questions only.

Therefore we will always need another persistent communication channel next to SO.

(Andri Steiner) #27

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