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Current CGL states that every method and class has to have a docComment / phpDoc - even methods without parameters or return types - for example constructors, resulting in comments like “constructor”. I’d like to propose to make the description part of the docComment (and thus the whole comment if no params/return type) optional to also get rid of simple getter/setter comments (what’s the benefit of the “get the ID” comment on top of a getId() method?).


  • CGL Adjustment to allow methods, packages, classes and properties without comment if it does not provide additional value


  • Less “noise”
  • Higher percentage of comments you should actually read


  • Less strict rules, developers and reviewers need to think about comment necessity (and content) more

Additional Info

  • PSR does explicitly not state anything related to comments

Proposed CGL text

[inspired by the coding machines best practices]

If you cannot use a type-hint, then a docblock documenting types is necessary. Please add PHPDoc to your code if it provides additional information. For example detail the content of arrays using the Object[] notation, if the return type is mixed and cannot be strictly annotated, add a @return tag. If parameters or return types have specific syntactical requirements, document them.


  • Yes, I support the proposal.
  • No, I disagree with the proposal.
  • I don’t care either way.

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